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What’s it all about ?

Reddit Secrets is a place to find awesome and useful information on how to use Reddit in a smart way

Reddit is a complex, community-based website with a ton of functionality, a lot of sub-reddits where each one is basically a website on its own, with niche content, audience and marketing. And all these sub-reddits have their own unique rules and ways to measure link relevance and engagement, both from technical and people’s perspective.

I’ve been on Reddit for a long time. And during the next few months I’ll be sharing some awesome content here on Reddit SecretsGuides & Tutorials, Reddit Tricks and Tips, things I’ve learned during the years that will make you more productive on Reddit, will teach you how to post better links the right way and show you how to increase your chances of getting and staying on the first page.


Who should use this site ?

Are you a marketer, a small business owner or just a guy with a blog who wants exposure ? You’ve found the right place.

Let me clear this out – Reddit Secrets is all about finding ways to increase your leads generation and conversion rates through Reddit by increasing your chances of getting and staying on the first page. Reddit is a giant marketing machine, there are a lot of businesses and marketers fighting for attention there so they can attract more people to their sales funnel and respectfully increase conversions and profit. The sole purpose of Reddit Secrets is to provide these people with the means to conduct a more effective marketing campaign by using various Reddit Tricks and Tips, as well as advises and guides. Well, we’re also the right site if you’re looking for someone to buy reddit upvotes from. But if you’re just wasting time on Reddit, you might find some interesting stuff, but don’t expect something you can share with all your friends on Facebook.

If you are completely new to Reddit, you’ll probably want to start with our How to Use Reddit tutorial


Latest Reddit Tricks & Guides

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Time to think BIG

Case Study: Small Batch Cigars Small Batch Cigars is a small online cigar shop that has gotten huge results by participating in the /r/Cigars subreddit. Small Batch is mentioned on a regular basis by /r/Cigars and they have indefinitely placed a link to Small Batch’s website in the sidebar of the subreddit. The amount of

Posting to Reddit

Concept #1 – We’re not promoting, yet We know you want to promote your website or blog post, or some other piece of content that is related to your brand, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Reddit has strict guidelines against submitting too much self-promotional content and a promotional post at this stage will likely

What does your subreddit want?

To determine what your chosen subreddit community likes, a good place to start is the “Top” posts in the subreddit. You can access the top posts by going to the front page of your subreddit and clicking on the “top” tab near the header area. After the “top” tab loads, you’ll see a “links from:”

how engage with other Reddit users

This is your chance to make valuable contributions to your chosen subreddit. Concept #1: The Importance of Comments One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is avoiding the comments section. It is a lot of work to make genuine comments, but the comments section is where the most interesting engagement happens between

Protect yourself on Reddit Shadow Ban

Concept #1: The Shadow Ban When a user is “shadowbanned”, their account seems completely functional, but they are invisible to the rest of Reddit. Shadowbans are utilized by Reddit primarily to deter spammers or anyone that is behaving like one. Instead of outright banning a spam account, which gives the spammer a clear signal that


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