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For Extra Boost: If you are an agency and your clients require the best engagement in the biggest subreddits, these are your accounts. They provide extra ranking boost and are also appropriate for posting in the biggest subreddits. These accounts inspire the most trust in redditors, moderators and Reddit’s filter itself.
Dust: Account without any verified email so far. This is an actual trophy.
Mature Account: Every account with age 8 years or more. Reddit itself is 10 years old so these accounts are really valuable.
Natural Username: These accounts have usernames that are real words or person names. Such accounts are rare and most of them were taken long time ago.
NO. Post Karma Comment Karma Trophies Price Paypal Bitcoin
Acc-03 ~88,000+ ~105,000+ four-Year Club Verified Email Address	Verified Email Address	550 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-12 ~29,542+ ~8,342+ Five-Year Club Verified Email Address	350 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-10 19,772+ 12,556 + four-Year Club Verified Email Address	Verified Email Address	320 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-15 ~2,690 + ~2,8400+ Four-Year Club Verified Email Address	Team Orangered 300 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-2 ~2,200 + ~30,900 + Four-Year Club Verified Email Address	250 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-16 6,300+ 250+ Four-Year Club Verified Email Address	Gilding (tiered)	reddit secret santa 240 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-1 11,500+ 35+ seven-Year Club Verified Email Address	180 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-13 450+ 2 Eight-Year Club Verified Email Address	150 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-5 ~4000+ ~1 Good for Subreddit Creation, 10 months 70 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-6 ~1000+ ~0 Good for Subreddit Creation, 10 months 40 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN
Acc-7 ~100 ~0 10 months 20 $ BUY NOW BITCOIN



  • Your link is more likely to bypass Reddit’s filter
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All you need to know before buy Reddit accounts

What is the process of buying an account ?

The process is really simple – you choose an account from the table with Reddit accounts for sale above, click buy and fill your name, email and any optional comments. Then we’ll contact you and send you a PayPal invoice. Once paid, we’ll send you the credentials and the best instructions on the web on how to keep yourself safe from Reddit’s filter.

Where do you get these accounts from ?

We get our accounts from our upvoting service. The accounts we’re selling are the accounts we use for submitting links, which are different from the accounts we use for upvoting. You want to buy high-karma reddit accounts, you’ve come to the right place.

Why are these accounts different ?

Because in order to submit a link successfully, especially in the bigger subreddits, you need aged accounts. Accounts with high comment and link karma, trusted accounts which are more likely to bypass Reddit’s automatic spam-protection system and inspire trust in moderators so they don’t block your link instead. For more information on Reddit’s filtering system, check the FAQ on our upvoting page.

How long until I get my account ?

As soon as you send us the money we’ll send you the account credentials with instructions on how to safely use it.


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