Like every single community, Reddit assistances when experts and leaders contribute. Experts carry rare information, lucidity, and advancement to discussions.

Appreciatively, Reddit has been incorporated by many specialists in the form of AMAs and overall engagement. Just check /r/IAmA and you will find the likes of Barack Obama, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Gates, and thousands of lesser-known experts sharing their expertise in exchange for the consideration of the community

While there are many experts already engaging Reddit, there is still a requirement for more and anyone with the know-how can satisfy that need.

Reasonably, you may not recognize where to start, and the potential for disappointment might discourage you from sharing your information. We wrote this article to help experts promote themselves on Reddit after buying Reddit Upvotes and achieve real marketing results without breaking the rules.

Let’s examine what you can get from Reddit in exchange for your information and time

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How to Share Your Expertise on Reddit

We wrote a book that explains this process, but we’ll give you the necessary steps here.

STEP 1: Become a redditor

Create an account and start spending time on the platform on a consistent basis. Find communities that are related to your expertise and get to recognize them by reading the content they share and debate.

This can take time, but it is time well spent. When you actually become a Redditor, everything else in the “Reddit marketing” process becomes much easier, increasing your chances of success.

Any questions you have about how Reddit works can be replied with a Google search or by reading our book.

STEP 2: Help in the comments section

Make a list of the subreddits that you can aid the most with your expertise and promise to visit them on a consistent basis. Read the new content posted to every subreddit and submit helpful comments on every occasion you can. The additional discussions and fruitful debates you can get into, the better. Each commitment is an opportunity to improve your knowledge, learn more about your target viewers, and receive new ideas.

The comments unit will always be the foundation of your Reddit marketing strategy because this is where contacts are made. Commenting also displays the community that you sincerely care about contributing and participating value.

STEP 3: Share content that solves problems

Every subreddit wants help. They might need help establishing a FAQ for the sidebar, writing an investigation of an ongoing debate, or accumulating guidelines for a technical task. The ways you can help are endless, and it is only a matter of looking for the opportunities.

Opportunities to solve problems on Reddit can be hard to identify when you first look but recall they are either articulated explicitly or implicitly by the community.

Opportunities are expressed explicitly through questions and requirements. If someone asks a question or makes a request, do your best to either find the content that solves their problem or create it yourself.

Opportunities are expressed implicitly through the values and needs of the community. In other words, the community has problems that are not being articulated.

A simple example of an implicit opportunity is when the same question is being repeatedly asked in a community. This is a chance to write a definitive answer that can be linked whenever the question is asked. No one in the community is explicitly requesting that you create this content, but the problem is there to be solved.

When creating content for a community, always try to go above and beyond what is expected. The more you “wow” a subreddit, the more they will compensate you regarding attention and promotion. If you are consistently contributing significant value to a subreddit, they won’t care that you are linking to your website and will be happy to recommend your content to other users. It also opens up the opportunity for you to do more promotional activities like AMAs, contests, and giveaways.

Reddit Communities That Need Experts

In case you are wondering what kind of communities on Reddit need experts, we have offered an example below that will get you thinking about where you can give your expertise. To invention subreddits connected to your knowledge, read this post.

As an example, here is a list of subreddits that would benefit from the participation of therapists or psychologists:

Note: There are much more subreddits connected to depression, addiction, relationships/sex, career, and other topics that would appreciate engagement by therapists and psychologists.

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