Ever Wondered How Many People Use Reddit ?

Ever Wondered How Many People Use Reddit ?

Ever Wondered How Many People Use Reddit ?

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If you’ve ever wondered how many people use Reddit, here are some interesting statistics for you. 

Latest Reddit Statistics

Last month Reddit had 174,088,361 unique visitors from 186 different countries with 6,175,912,111 page views. That sounds almost scary, they probably make quite a nice profit from advertising. You can see Reddit’s official statistics here.

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Do you know what that means ? Businesses are killing each other to get there

If you’ve read the Using Reddit as part of your Marketing Strategy part from our How to Use Reddit tutorial, and also if you have at least minimal marketing experience, you probably know how incredibly important are these statistics for businesses from any size.

Want to find customers ? Just plug yourself in the sub-reddit they hang out in and start marketing. If you want to make this even more effective – post an amazing content and make sure your link gets upvoted to stay on the first page. Then just engage people in the comments.

Want to learn how to dominate your niche sub-reddits ?

The bigger sub-reddits are always dominated by the big players, so naturally we focus on the smaller sub-reddits that are, of course, a lot cheaper to reach. And I have a secret for you. Paying for Reddit advertising is probably the stupidest way to reach these people due to a number of reasons:

  • People don’t trust the ad banners
  • People get annoyed by the same banners
  • Paid advertising on Reddit is expensive
  • Paid advertising on Reddit is impression-based (CPI)
  • A lot of people actually block these adverts with plugins like Ad Blocker
  • The big players are well aware of that and know there are cheaper and more effective ways to promote their stuff on Reddit

Buying reddit votes is usually a better approach, but make sure you’ve read these common posting mistakes so you can be prepared on how to avoid them.